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Discerning tastes...concerning waste.

Depending how you look at it, Vulture Culture is either a card game or a board game. Call it whatever you want.

(These pictures are a few months old; the game has changed a bit.)

If you know a lot about games, consider it a more modern take on classics like Cosmic Encounter, Munchkin, or Gloom. If you're only familiar with games like Monopoly and Risk, you'll be pleasantly surprised. Whether you're new to board games or you've been playing for years, you'll have a hell of a time watching friends get greedy and suffer the consequences.

(If I take new pictures, they'll just be out of date in a week anyway.)

As the name implies, players assume the role of vultures, nature's least glamorous groupies. The prime directive is straightforward: feed yourself at all costs... which is easier said than done, when your birds have very particular preferences, as they do. Players have exactly three actions — Attack, Avoid, and Assist — that they can use to mete out punishment to their feathery foes while protecting their own scrawny hides. The catch? You can use each action only once per round. The victorious vultures get the most mouth-watering morsels, while the losers are left with the less appetizing leavings. Find food that fits your favourite flavor and score some serious points. Wolf down something woeful, and, well...

(These funny dice are still in the game... for now!???)

Currently the game is being playtested extensively. I'm also working with an artist to create the characters that will bring life to the game. Once I've ironed out all the kinks, I'll put up a PDF that would let you print out your own copy of the game to try it out. The goal is to have an actual game in a box that you can buy sometime in late 2014.